There are a number of people who believe a pre-approval and pre-qualification are the same however, they’re not. They are quite different and it’s really important to determine what the gaps are if purchasing a home.


What’s a Pre Qualification?


A mortgage pre-qualification may be best explained as a forecast on the total amount a buyer could borrow. Oftentimes, a pre-qualification is simply as great as the bit of paper it’s written on. Many lenders will consult a prospective debtor for their incomes, loans, along with other resources and utilize what they have been told to issue some pre-qualification.

What’s a Pre-approval?


A mortgage pre-approval is when a lender gives a written commitment to finance. Lenders ask debtor for proof of income by asking for their bank statements, tax statements of previous years, employment verification, and pull on a tri-merge credit score.
It’s important to understand once your mortgage pre-approval has been issued, you may still find a small number of conditions that have to be met before the lending company will grant loan. The most frequently encountered requirements at a mortgage pre-approval is the fact that the client discovers out a property and also an appraisal is performed on the residence. This usually means the subject land has to be worth exactly what the seller and buyer accept and there aren’t any bank demanded repairs. Other potential conditions within a mortgage pre approval may incorporate a decent homeowners insurance policy, continuing credit worthiness, and sometimes, based upon the finances, proof an acceptable appraisal.